Tarot cards give different meanings when they appear in combination with other cards and also at different places but here is a list of the Tarot cards which indicate Travel if they appear in your Travel related question. Expert readers can even derive meanings from looking at different spreads but this list will help the beginners.

Which Tarot Cards Indicate Travel?
  • Six of Swords

This is a classic ‘Travel card’ that always works for me and proves to be true as a travel card in my tarot readings. Three people traveling through the boat indicate travel, movement, and even re-location.

  • Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands depicts very fast movement. This card shows rapid communication and also fast movement like travel by air.

  • The Chariot

This tarot card shows a man on a chariot, what else can be a better indication of travel?

  • All 4 Knights

All the Knights are riding horses that indicate Travel. The knight of swords especially shows a rapid movement but all the knights are indicative of a Travel if they appear as an answer to your Travel related question.

  • King of Wands

Wands or Staves were used by travelers in old times. The Kind of Wands is holding a Wand in his hand and his posture suggests that he’ll get up at any moment and embarks upon a journey.

  • The Fool

The Fool is happily going somewhere with his bag and all the stuff. The Fool card shows the start of something new and also a new Journey or Travel.

  • The Sun

The Sun Tarot Card shows a white horse taking a happy baby somewhere. This card indicates a vacation, a casual journey and even a honeymoon.

  • Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups is another Tarot Card with very significant movement. A person is leaving things behind and going somewhere.

The World, Two of Wands, Three of Wands and Hermit are also indicative of Travel.

2 of Pentacles, King of Cups, and The death cards have ships in the background. If your intuition makes you focus on those ships then there is a possibility of traveling if those cards appear too. Pages were messengers in medieval times so a page also suggests movement and traveling.  As you’ll learn to read different card combinations you’ll start deriving the meanings by understanding the movements. However, the cards that I have listed above are Travel cards as per my own experience, and many experienced tarot readers that I have talked to.