Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Keywords

UPRIGHT: Swiftness, change, movement, speed, success, air travel

REVERSED: Slow pace, delay

  • Element: Fire
  • Kabbalistic Sefirot: Hod
  • Meaning of the Kabbalistic Sefirot: Splendor
  • Astrological Influence: Mercury in Sagittarius
  • Yes/No key interpretations: Yes
  • Stones: Opal, Fire opal

Eight of Wands is card number 8 in the fiery suit of wands. Eight is the number of authority and balance and suit of wands belongs to Minor Arcana in Tarot and it is related to passion, energy, vigor, and dynamism.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Imagery of the Eight of Wands Tarot Card

The imagery of this card is clean, clear, and simple. Eight wands are moving swiftly at an angle. All the wands are at various positions but they are following the same direction. The problems that arise at 7 of wands got clear at 8 of wands and now there is a release from obstacles and difficulties. The staves are moving rapidly and they indicate speed and swiftness. The clear background of the card shows that there is no blockage or obstruction. There is a vast landscape with a river flowing by. The greenery of the landscape indicates peace and growth and the river shows the flow of life and emotions. There is a hill in the background that represents our long-term goals and aims and a house at the hilltop represents the self. This is overall a positive card that is evident from its imagery. Still, we cannot say for sure that if the wands will reach the mark upon reaching the ground or miss it.

Astrology and the Eight of Wands

The eight of wands astrologically corresponds to the first decan of Sagittarius that is Mercury in Sagittarius and it falls between November 23rd and December 2nd. Mercury is the fastest moving planet and it is related to communication, mind, intellect, reason, language, reasoning, linear thinking, travel, and trade. However, Mercury is at its detriment in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius also brings qualities of optimism, love for freedom, intellect, and philosophy to an individual. Eight of the wands was called ‘The Lord of Swiftness’ by the golden dawn designers.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card and Kabbalah

In Kabbalah, all the eights belong to the Sefirot of Hod that means Splendor. The eights generally depict success. This sefirah is ruled by Mercury. This sefirot is on the pillar of Severity and eight wands belong to the world of Atziluth, the world of pure spirits.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card as a Person

The Eight of Wands as a tarot card represent someone who is enthusiastic, energetic, spontaneous, and passionate. These people can take quick decisions and act towards their goals at a fast pace. These people have many passionate ideas and can work on many tasks at a time and can manage those well. These people can bring change in the environment through their energies and these can be excellent communicators. Eight of wands shows motivated, driven, and highly passionate individuals.

Eight of Wands Card (Upright) in General Reading

If this card appears in a general reading, it shows that things will change in your life quickly, swiftly, and rapidly. There will be energy, activity, and excitement. This card indicates a strong possibility of air travel. It also shows quick communication like a chat on the web or emails or any other form of electronic communication. In a general reading, this card shows that the environment around will be favorable for you to move quickly towards your targets and goals. You can roll out various ideas or projects in the direction where you want to reach. You can be spontaneous and you’ll have the energy and enthusiasm. However, don’t be hasty and make decisions wisely. Also, you can expect some news or a surprise today.

Eight of Wands Tarot Card (Upright) in a Daily reading

If this card appears in a daily reading, it will be a great day to travel. It is also a great day to work towards your goals with speed and passion. Today you will not face any challenges or obstacles. Your emotions will flow in harmony and today the environment around you will be favorable and nurturing. It is a great day to connect to your higher self and to work towards bigger things.

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