The Star Tarot Card Meaning Keywords

UPRIGHT: Hope, direction, a path to follow, renewal

REVERSED: Lost direction, insecurity

  • Name of the Card: The Star
  • Number: 17
  • Other Names: L’etoile
  • Element: Air
  • Kabbalistic Letter: Tzaddi
  • Meaning of the Kabbalistic Letter: Fishhook
  • Sign: Aquarius
  • Yes/No key interpretations: Yes
  • Animals: Eagle, Peacock
  • Stone: Artificial Glass

The star is a very bright card both in meaning and symbolism that appears after the death, and the Tower cards in most traditional Tarot decks. This is card number 17, which is the number of strength and responsibility. 1+7=8. Eight is a symbol of infinity and represents the constant flow of energy and power. Number 8 is also related to wealth and monetary success.

The Star Tarot Card Meaning

The Imagery and Symbolic Meaning of the Star Tarot Card

A naked woman is holding two jugs in her hands and she is pouring water in a pond from one jug and on the land with the other. Her nudity symbolizes the truth and purity. She has nothing to hide. The jug in her right hand shows the conscious self and in the left one shows the subconscious self. The flowing water from the jugs shows the flow of life. The blooming flower buds in the grass symbolize hope, birth, and renewal. The nude figure has one foot in the water and one on the land, just like the Temperance card she is constantly keeping a connection and revitalizing her intuitive self and her connection with reality. The sky in the background has a bright blue color like the sky of dawn and that represents trust, wisdom, and clarity. A bird is sitting on a tree that is probably Ibis. The bird is a symbol of freedom and Ibis is considered a symbol of wisdom. There is a huge eight-pointed star in the middle of the sky. The eight-pointed star has significance in many cultures. Generally, a star is considered a sign of hope and direction. In Babylonian culture, the eight-pointed star is considered the star of Ishtar. She is associated with the planet of Venus. Planet Venus looks like the brightest star in the sky at dawn. It is also called the morning star and a symbol of guidance. There are 7 smaller white stars also present in the sky. These cards represent the 7 chakras and also the Pleiades, the 7 orphan sisters who were ignored by the tribe after the death of their parents and who turned into doves and then stars. The Pleiades or 7 sisters symbol associates with coping up with sorrow and renewal of hope. The 7 chakras refer to the kundalini energies. The number 7 is considered a very important number in many cultures and religions. There are mountains in the background that show future goals and also obstacles that have yet to come.

Astrology and the Star Tarot Card

The corresponding sign to the Star tarot card in astrology is Aquarius. Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the healer who gives water, or life, to the land. It seems to have a great similarity with the Star card. Aquarius is an air sign. People who have the sun in Aquarius in their birth charts are usually analytical, easy-going, and helpful. They are free thinkers, fight for causes, serve humanity, and indulge in intellectual conversations. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is the planet of rebellion and freedom. Aquarius rules the 11th house which is considered the house of friends. This house works with the power of collective and associates with clubs, organizations, social groups, and networking organizations.

The Star Tarot Card and Kabbalah

The path of The Star card connects Netzach (Victory) to Yesod (Foundation). The name of this path is Tzaddi that means Fishhook. Fishhook implies meditation, a process in which the individual consciousness connects to the greater consciousness. This path is a very path on the tree of life. This is the path where an individual’s divine energy is properly approached. The correct Hebrew title of this card means the stars and not the Star.

The Star as a Person

If the star card takes the form of people, they will be someone who is honest, truthful, and peaceful. These people know how to cope up with grief and sorrow and shine all bright. They have a clear direction and path in life and they are wise, compassionate, and courageous. These people know how to keep a balance between their intuitive self and practical life. They have high goals for the future and they are farsighted. They know how to constantly renew the energies in and out of their lives. These people help others and give them hope. These kind and compassionate people may not work within the societal norms but they work for the benefit of humanity.

The Star Card in General Reading

This is a card of truth, peace, faith, success, creative thinking, renewal, and balance. Getting this card in a general reading is a good omen. It will mean that you have a clear direction for your future and you have high hopes and goals. You are living a peaceful life that is full of creative energy. This card also shows that a new creative idea is budding. The star card shows the presence of a loving phase in your life. With truth and honesty, you are open to healing and transformation.

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