Tarot cards are not and cannot be a substitute for a pregnancy test. Tarot cards give different meanings when they appear in different positions. Also when a card appears with other cards, the combinations give different meanings. Still, if you want to know that which cards are sure short indicators of pregnancy when you get those at the right spot as an answer to your pregnancy questions, here is a list for Rider Waite Smith and RWS based decks

Which Tarot cards indicate pregnancy?

·       The Empress

The Empress is pregnant and has growth and fertility all around her. This is the clearest sign of pregnancy when this appears as an answer.

·       All the Aces

Aces are the seeds, a new start. All the aces in combination with cards around them can indicate pregnancy. An ace of cups is the clearest sign of pregnancy. The emotions, flow of water and peace, all bring good news. Ace of wands is a phallic symbol and shows the seed that is needed to bring a new life. The ace of pentacles shows a gift and a plant. The ace of swords is a sign of surgery and can represent a birth through C-section.

·       Page of Cups

The Page of Cups brings good news and a strong indicative of pregnancy.

·       9 of Cups

There are 9 months of pregnancy and 9 cups show that. Keeping all the cups at a safe place shows the love and care that the mother gives to the unborn baby.

·       9 of Pentacles

Again 9 months and happiness together show a sign of pregnancy.

·       The Sun

What better tarot card will be there to show pregnancy than a horse with a naked child sitting on it coming your way?

·       The Star

The Star is a sign of hope and a good omen for those who are trying to conceive.

·       10 of Cups

The ten of cups tarot card shows a happy couple and kids. This is a clear sign that someone is going to have kids.

·       3 of Cups

In tarot de Marseille, 3 of cups and 3 of pentacles show clear signs of welcoming a 3rd person. In the RWS deck, the happy dancing women also show celebrations related to birth and baby shower.

·       6 of Cups

This card is related to childhood and innocence and it can be a sign of pregnancy and birth.

·       The Fool

The fool shows new beginnings and a new start. It can depict pregnancy as well

·       Queen of Pentacles

All queens are mother figures but the way the queen of Pentacles is holding a pentacle shows the tender love and care given to a baby by the mother. This tarot card indicates pregnancy as well.