Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Keywords

UPRIGHT: Exploration, Energetic young person, inspiration, message

REVERSED: Hasty, impatient, delayed messages, feeling uninspired

  • Element: Fire
  • Kabbalistic Sefirot: Malkuth
  • Meaning of the Kabbalistic Sefirot: Kingdom
  • Astrological Influence: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Yes/No key interpretations: Yes
  • Stones: Rock Crystal
  • Page of Wands: Earth of Fire

Page of Wand is a court card from the fiery suit of wands in Minor Arcana. Courts are comprised of people who administer, manage and govern a country or a region, and pages are young boys in training to be a knight or a squire. A young page’s duties were to run messages (mostly memorize the message and deliver verbally), serve, clean clothes and weapons, receive education, and learn the basics of a battle and the art of combat. In reading, a page can represent a person, a side of the personality, or a situation.

Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Imagery of the Page of Wands Tarot Card

A young page is standing in an arid land with a wand in his hand. The wand is a depiction of passion and ambition. The wand has leaves growing at the top and the young page is looking upward at those. His angle shows his optimism. He is wearing a hand that shows his power, authority, and being ranked above the average people. A red feather in his hat symbolizes strength, power, and passion. The blue sky in the background symbolizes wisdom and confidence. There are 3 mounds in the background that are representative of goals and obstacles and number three represents creativity. The arid land shows that the ideas are not yet manifested and nurturing is needed. The page is wearing a cape that shows his confidence and a yellow shirt that depicts happiness, joy, and youthful energies. His age also symbolizes youth, vigor, passion, and vitality. His red pants show his enthusiasm. There are salamanders made on his shirt. Salamanders have endurance and they symbolize transformation, passion and they can take over adversity. Legends say that Salamanders even withstand flames and can also extinguish them.

Astrology and the Page of Wands

In Astrology, the page of wands gathers the qualities and characteristics of the Fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Fire depicts courage, confidence, and initiative. Fire brings spontaneity, intuition, inspiration, and passion to a person or a situation. A single spark of fire can burn a whole forest so fiery signs and fiery qualities inside a person should be nurtured and managed carefully.  

Page of Wands and Kabbalah

All the four tens and all the pages belong to the Sefirot of Malkuth in Kabbalah. Malkuth means Kingdom. The ten of Wands is Malkuth in Atziluth, the land of emanation and pure spirit.

The Page of Wands is the Earth of Fire.

Page of Wands as a Person

The page of Wands as a person can be someone who is youthful, energetic, passionate, positive, and talkative. It denotes the people who already know a lot in their field but also love to learn more. It shows people who travel a lot. This card may represent a young teenager in the querent’s life or the personality of the querent as well. The people who have a page of wands qualities are optimistic, enthusiastic, curious, and innovative and they love to explore. They have the endurance to go through difficulties and they are always open to choose and try new paths and discovering new horizons.

Page of Wands Card in General Reading

If this card appears in a general reading, it might mean that you will receive a positive and exciting message today. It can also show that you are in a position where you have learned a lot but you can still learn more. It shows that you have a blank canvas of opportunities around you that you can paint in the color of your choice. There can be chances of traveling too if this card shows up. This card shows that you have the freedom and liberty of making choices and you can enjoy the youthful energy inside you while exploring a new phase of your life. You are positive and optimistic and you have this needed passion for life.

Page of Wands Tarot Card in a Daily reading

If this card appears in a daily reading, it suggests that you should live the day like a free spirit. You should bring your youthful, happy, and fearless energies to the surface and get indulged in productive, constructive, creative yet playful activities. You have the needed eagerness, enthusiasm, and passion to learn today and you should utilize this favorable day to its fullest potential.   

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Page of Wands Tarot Card in a Love Reading

In a Love reading, the page of wands represents happiness, joy, youthful energies, fun, and playfulness in a relationship. It shows that you and your partner have a passion for life and you are exploring and learning new things together about making the relationship more fun and passionate. It also depicts receiving a positive message related to the relationship. If you are single, someone lively, chirpy, happy, and positive is about to enter your life.

Page of Wands Tarot Card in a Career Reading

If this card appears in a Career reading, it might show that you are planning to start a new business venture or a new job. You are optimistic and exploring the possibilities. You can endure any rough phase and any challenges. You are ready to learn the tricks of the trade and you have a passion to manifest your ideas. This card may also represent some work-related traveling or some positive message related to work.  

Page of Wands Tarot Card in a Health Reading

This card shows that you may receive a good message related to your health or your health-related test reports will come out fine. This card shows that you will have good health and good energy.

Page of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the Page of Wands appears in a reversed position, it shows that the message that you want to receive will be delayed or it would not be as positive as you expect it to be. When the page of wands is in a reversed position, he will lose his ability to be optimistic and to analyze and understand so he will make hasty decisions. He will lose hold of his wand and hat so this may represent that you will not have the needed passion and vigor to work on a task. The enthusiasm will vanish and just a silly childlike attitude will be left.

The page of wands in a reversed position is not a positive card for a love reading. It shows that you have committed to a relationship in haste and your relationship doesn’t have a clear direction, passion, or deep meaning. If this card appears in a reversed position in a love reading, it is time to work on the relationship and redefine and reconsider the priorities.

If this card appears in a reversed position in a career reading, it might show a lack of focus, lack of growth, and loss of interest in your job or business. It might also show some bad news or delayed or negative message related to your work.

This is not a good card to get in a reversed position for health reading. It might indicate a loss of passion and vigor to recover and to take care of your health. You should seek help from a certified health professional if you face any health-related issues.

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