The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning Keywords

UPRIGHT: Control, willpower, success, action, determination, two forces pulling in the opposite direction

REVERSED: Opposition, lack of direction, instability, unwise journey

  • Name of the Card: The Chariot
  • Number: 7
  • Other Names: Centurion, Victory, Le Chariot
  • Element: Water
  • Kabbalistic Letter: Cheth
  • Meaning of the Kabbalistic Letter: Fence
  • Sign: Cancer
  • Yes/No key interpretations: Yes
  • Animals: Crab, Turtle, Sphinx, Whale
  • Stone: Amber

The Chariot is the trump no 7 in any traditional tarot deck. 7 is the number of spiritual awakening, inner growth, introspection, wisdom, and intuitiveness.

The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Imagery and Symbolism of the Chariot Tarot Card

A young man, probably a prince is standing on his chariot. He is holding a wand in his hands that shows his will and authority but the wand is blue in color so it also represents his emotional side. He is wearing an armor that shows protection. His chariot is driven by two sphinxes, one is black and the other is white. These sphinxes represent polarity or opposing forces, these may represent the masculine and feminine aspects of one’s nature or the influence of good and evil. The prince is wearing a crown with laurel wreath and eight-pointed star, this represents hope and victory. The eight-pointed star has significance in many religions. There is a canopy above his head with the stars made on it, this represents celestial influence. There is a winged sun made on his chariot that shows his inspirations. A square on his chest indicates that he is stable and grounded. There are buildings in the background, probably his palace and also a river flowing behind him, these show that he is so focused on his goals and determined to achieve the victory that he is not hesitant to leave luxury or comforts of home and not scared to cross any obstacle.

Astrology and the Chariot

The Chariot card corresponds to the zodiac sign of Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the moon that is the planet of intuition, reflection, and inspiration. Cancers are extremely self-protective. This trait of the sign is visible in the armor and canopy of the chariot rider. Cancers are gentle in nature; they are compassionate, mystical and genuine. Cancers are emotionally intelligent, just like our charioteer they know how to use their emotions as strength and not as a weakness. Just like our charioteer perseverance is a very strong trait of their personality.

The Chariot and Kabbalah

On the tree of life, the path of the Chariot runs between Binah (Understanding) and Geburah (Strength or Severity). The name of this path is Cheth that means Fence. The movement of the Chariot or the path of Chariot conceals the mystery of great significance. They have shown it in the Golden dawn card in a way that symbolizes the descent of the Holy Spirit into manifest creation.

The Upright Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot as a Person

The Chariot represents a person who is strong-willed, enthusiastic, brave and yet emotional. It represents a person who has the sensitivity to feel things but who knows how to use the emotions as a powerful tool and not something to get distracted by. If the Chariot card turns into a person, he or she will be someone who doesn’t follow people’s advice blindly but clearly know their own path and also know how to follow it. These people know to make their way to success. They can cross any hurdle and any obstacle to find victory.

The Chariot Card in General Reading

The Chariot is the card of very strong willpower and control. It shows the focus on a specific goal despite distractions. Keep faith that even though you’ll have to leave many things behind, the new change in life, your new endeavor, or the new journey will be positive for you. If it appears in a general reading, it may represent a situation where two opposing forces are in action but you have to work with control and use your own will and wisdom. It can represent the influence of two people with two different ideas. You should have faith and decide for yourself instead of listening to others and getting influenced by others.

 It is a card for traveling and also for getting a new vehicle.

The Chariot Tarot Card in a Daily reading

If this card appears in a daily reading, then it is a day to maintain focus, confidence, and control. You should be self-disciplined to get over any challenges that come your way today. Believe in yourself and keep faith that you have the needed drive and strength to be successful today.

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