The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

UPRIGHT: Beauty, femininity, love, nurturing, abundance, pregnancy, creativity

 REVERSED: Creative block, dependence on others, insecurity, infertility, disharmony

  • Name of the Card: The Empress
  • Number: 3
  • Other Names: The Queen
  • Element: Earth
  • Kabbalistic Letter: Daleth
  • Meaning of the Kabbalistic Letter: Door
  • Planet:  Venus
  • Yes/No key interpretations: Yes
  • Animals: Sparrow, Dove, Sow
  • Stone: Emerald, Turquoise

The Empress is the third trump or major arcana card in standard tarot decks.

The Empress Tarot Card Meaning

The Imagery and symbolism of the Empress Tarot Card

The Pregnant Empress is sitting comfortably with a red pillow supporting her back. The red pillow is a symbol of feminine comfort and sensuality. She is sitting among a field of the ripe wheat crop, a symbol of abundance, a spring, and trees around her. The spring shows constant refreshment and trees are a symbol of peace and serenity. She is an embodiment of mother-nature, feminine, creative and fertile. She is wearing a diadem with 12 stars on it representing the 12 signs of the zodiac; it is a marriage ring between earth and heavens. Each pearl of her necklace represents a planet. Her shield is near her feet and that has the sign of Venus on it. The pomegranates on her dress are the symbols of fertility. The wheat crop shows abundance. The pillow is a symbol of feminine comfort and sensuality. She has a scepter in her hand with an orb at the top. That is a symbol of feminine power.

Astrology and the Empress

In astrology, The Empress card correspondences to Venus. Venus the planet of love, sensuality, luxury, art, music, dance, celebration, beauty, refinement, affection, pleasure, comfort, ease, arts and fashion takes the form of The Empress in tarot. Venus asks you the question, “what is your pleasure?”, so does the Empress. It is time to seek pleasure in life when this card appears. Venus the earth goddess is the lover and the artist. She is love and people are drawn to her. Venus also rules the monetary aspect of our lives. It also rules our sentiments and attachment to others.

The Empress and Kabbalah

The path of The Empress connects Binah (Understanding) and Chokmah (Wisdom). The path is called Daleth which means door. In the thirty-two paths of wisdom, Daleth is called the Luminous Intelligence. The high priestess is about bringing our creative ideas into being.

The Empress as a Person

To me, The Empress is a creative person with great energy to empathize and connect with others. The Empress is someone who is calm and composed with good self-esteem. Someone sensual, warm, loving, and charismatic. They are people who are living a fulfilled life in every way. Who is content and aware of the blessings they have and who have created a peaceful and nurturing environment around them. People who have their femininity evolved on all levels of their being. They are the people who carry the beauty inside them that they see in others. I think that this card does not necessarily reflect a female but any person who is connected with their feminine side.

The Empress Tarot Card in General Reading

It shows that a cycle of prosperity and abundance is about to begin.  It can indicate a new workplace or new home too. It means that things will work well for the querent and they shouldn’t worry about what life holds for them, instead they should utilize all the gifts and abundance to their maximum potential.

The Empress Tarot Card in a Daily reading

Today you are a part of the Creative Mind of the Universe. Bring your creative abilities to the surface and enjoy the options that you have. It is also a great day to help others, participate in activities for the betterment of the community, a day to give others and help others. Enjoy the beauty you have inside and out and let yourself shine. You should have confidence on your abilities as you have so many. It is also a good day to spend time in nature. It asks you to connect to your feminine energy whether you are a male or a female. It is time to know that you are worthy.

The Empress Tarot Card in a Love Reading

The Empress is a powerful card of love, sexuality, and sensuality. It is ruled by the planet of love so it is all about love, harmony and a beautiful relationship. If you receive this card in your love tarot spread it may indicate that your relationship is growing well and you can take it to the next level. It can show growing commitment and growing interest in each other. If you are not already in a relationship and you get this card in a love reading then you may find a loving partner soon.

The Empress Tarot Card in a Career Reading

This is a card of creativity so if you are already in a creative field, you will be able to use your creative talents to the fullest. It is also a card of abundance and prosperity so your finances will grow and you will ripe benefits of all the hard work that you have done. It is a good omen to invest money somewhere.

The Empress Tarot Card in a Health Reading

The scene around the Empress is fertile and she looks pregnant so it is very strong for pregnancy. Apart from that, it indicates good over-all health and sexual energy.

The Empress Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the card is upside down, it is a bad omen. The scepter of the Empress faces down and loses its strength. The trees and crops will turn upside down too and they will show that the growth has stopped.

It shows a creative block in a person’s life.

In a romantic relationship, it shows that a person is not able to express themselves to the fullest and being over-dependent or distant from others. This is a disharmonious relationship instead of a nurturing one.

It can indicate that the person has lost confidence and self-esteem and now feeling insecure. It can be indicator of infertility as well.

The querent might have financial trouble, low income, and disharmony in their surroundings.

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