The Moon Tarot Card Meaning Keywords

UPRIGHT: Anxiety, fear, illusion, subconscious

REVERSED: Clarity, releasing fear  

  • Name of the Card: The Moon
  • Number: 18
  • Other Names: La Lune
  • Element: Water
  • Kabbalistic Letter: Qoph
  • Meaning of the Kabbalistic Letter: Back of Head
  • Sign: Pieces
  • Yes/No key interpretations: No
  • Animals: Fish, dolphin, dog, jackal
  • Stone: Pearl

The moon is card number 18 in major arcana. 18 is the number of inspiration and accomplishment. 1+8 makes 9, number 9 represents the energies of the Universal Spiritual Laws.

The moon tarot card meaning

The Imagery and Symbolism of the Moon Tarot Card

Two canines are howling at the moon, one is a dog that shows the tame side of the mind and the wolf shows the wild side. The moon’s reflected light has enlightened the scene but this light is not enough for clear visibility.

This shows three phases of the moon, crescent, waxing half and full. The crescent moon shows our instincts, the waxing half is symbolic of fertility and the full moon refers to the completion of the cycle. The reflected light symbolizes that you are not having your own independent thoughts but these are maybe in someone’s influence. The path represents the path of one’s life and it is a bit winding and not clearly visible. There is a pond of water, water shows our emotions and intuition and a crayfish is crawling off the water. The crayfish symbolizes our dreams and subconscious mind, it also symbolizes regenerations as when a Crayfish loses legs or claws, and they can regrow. The dark sky shows the worries and fears. The moon is shining above two pillars. These are the same pillars that we see in other cards that represent duality and opposition. One pillar is the pillar of severity and the other is the pillar of mercy. There are 32 spikes of light around the moon which represent 32 paths of wisdom in the Kabbalistic tree of life.

Astrology and the Moon Tarot Card

In astrology, the moon tarot card corresponds to the Sign of Pieces. Pieces is a spiritual sign. Pieces people are emotional, empathetic, selfless, and compassionate. They are generous, amiable, and positive with healing qualities. Pieces is a water sign and it is deeply connected to emotions and intuitions. Just like this moon card the pieces people are dreamy, emotionally sensitive with a vivid imagination.

The Moon Tarot Card and Kabbalah

The path of the Moon on the Kabbalah Tree of life is called Qoph. Qoph means the back of the head. This path connects Netzach (Victory) with Malkuth (Kingdom). In Hebrew Resh is the head and it is ruled by the sun so the back of the head or Qoph is the moon as it reflects the light of the sun.

The Moon as a Person

The Moon tarot card as a person would be someone who is intuitive and reflective but at the same time uncertain and unsure about their path in life. They go through anxieties and fears and cannot decide what they want to do with life. They listen to their subconscious mind and dreams but they do not have clarity about their goals and how to achieve those. This card indicates people with mental troubles.

The Moon Card in General Reading

The moon is related to the anxieties and fears that creep out in the middle of the night. Things look more complicated than their true self at night. Moon is the card of exaggerated fears, doubts, and worries. If this card appears in a general reading you need to analyze the situation carefully. This card shows that you are projecting fears into the situation. You are not sure if your fears are for real and are they just an illusion. You should give the situation some time until it is clear to you.

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