Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning Keywords

UPRIGHT: Looking to the future, progress, decisions

REVERSED: Lack of progress, Lack of ambition, disharmony  

  • Element: Fire
  • Kabbalistic Sefirot: Chokmah
  • Meaning of the Kabbalistic Sefirot: Wisdom
  • Astrological Influence: Mars in Aries
  • Yes/No key interpretations: Yes
  • Stone: Star Ruby, Turquoise

Two of Wands is the second card of the fiery suit of wands. The number two stands for harmony, balance, and partnerships. This card shows the next level of moving forward from the idea that emerged at the ace of wands. Now it is time to introspect and look at the possibilities to implement the idea.

Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The Imagery and Symbolic Meanings of the Two of Wands Tarot Card

A man who looks wealthy from his dressing is standing on the balcony of a castle and looking at the houses, sea, mountains, and valley in front of him. Standing on a higher position shows his achievements and social standing. His red cap shows his passion and the cape depicts his confidence. His red shows symbolize his independence and power and show that he is ready and free to move forward. His orange dress signifies his creativity and enthusiasm. The man is holding a globe in his hands. This might show that he has the whole world in his hands or he is carrying his own world with him. There are two wands on this card. Wands are a symbol of passion, enthusiasm, drive, and motivation. One wand is erected in the roof besides him that symbolizes the stability of his passion and the other is in his hand in the form of a staff that shows the support he has for his passion. New leaves are growing on both wands which show that growth is happening in this person’s life. The far off mountains show the goals and ambitions, the green valley symbolizes abundance and fertility and the calm blue sea depicts stability of emotions. The man is analyzing the situation and his resources and making some important decisions with the support of his passion. He might embark on a new journey or take further initiative for growth.

Astrology and the Two of Wands

Two of Wands is attributed to the first decan of the fiery sign of Aries where the planet Mars is in Aries. The first decan of Aries starts from 21rst March and lasts till 30th March. Mars is the ruling sign of Aries and is at home here. Mars is the planet of confidence, aggression, sexuality, energy, strength, and ambition. When Mars is in Aries they are in perfect harmony but full of fiery passion and energies. There is no resistance and together they can move forward with confidence and assurance. So under the influence of Mars in Aries, ‘two of wands’ is a card of spontaneity, action, energies, and innovation.

Two of Wands and Kabbalah

The Two of Wands belongs to the Sefirot of Chokmah (Wisdom) in Atziluth. Atziluth is the world of creation and it is at the level of pure spirit. All the 2’s of minor arcana and the kings belong to this Sefirot. Chokmah is a Sefirot of Masculine energies and it is opposite to the Sefirot of Binah, which is pure feminine energy.

Two of Wands as a Person

If this card takes shape of people, they will be confident people who have achieved a certain place in their lives. They are full of passion and creativity and they are ready to execute the new ideas and implement the new fiery energy. These people have balanced emotions but they have high goals and ambitions. They analyze the situation and weigh their assets and then make the decision that how they want to proceed. These people have a good look at the future and they make their plans while keeping in mind their assets and their potential.

Two of Wands Card in General Reading

If this card appears in a general reading, it might mean that now you should execute and carry out your ideas. This card might also show the presence of some supportive and stable partnership in your life. This is a card of progress and moving forward. You are already having growth and stability but you should further enhance your work and follow your passion. This card might also indicate an upcoming journey or travel.

Two of Wands Tarot Card in a Daily reading

If you get this card in a daily reading, it means that today is a day to make some decisions regarding your future. You have the needed support and potential to move forward. You can make some important decisions related to growth and work in life. This is also a good day to make traveling and vacation plans.

Two of Wands Tarot Card in a Love Reading

This card shows support from a partnership that is helping the other one to move forward with his or her endeavors. This card shows that it is time to make some important decisions related to your love life.  Both of you should have confidence in yourself and you should choose between the known and the unknown after analyzing the situation. This is a card that shows the growth of passion in harmony.

Two of Wands Tarot Card in a Career Reading

In a career reading, this card shows opportunities and your current position. You have achieved stability and you are having growth at your current position but you can also move forward. Your calm emotions and burning desire will help you reach for the goals that you have set for yourself.

Two of Wands Tarot Card in a Health Reading

In health terms, this card shows that you have support at your home from your loved ones. Your health is improving but you can also take a new course of treatment to improve your health further. It is time to look at the possibilities and to decide.

Two of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the two of wands card is in a reversed position, the globe will fall from the man’s hand. He will lose his higher position and his wands will lose balance. Everything will fall off from the place and balance and harmony will be gone. In a reversed position this card indicates troubled partnerships, lack of opportunities and lack of ambition.

When the reversed two of wands appeared in a love tarot reading, it might indicate that your partner is not providing the reliability and support that you need from them. It might indicate that you do not have a clear vision of how the relationship will proceed and things are out of balance and out of harmony. Your or your partner’s unstable emotions are also playing a part in this unrest.

In a career reading, the reversed two of wands reflect that your work-related partnership is unstable and you have a lack of future vision. You are not confident and you do not have an eye on your goals. You should calm down your emotions and get confident before proceeding further in career.

This is not a positive card in health reading. The reversed ‘two of wands’ depicts instable health and you are losing some needed support. You should have that passion to revitalize your health and you should try to maintain and balance your health when this card appears.

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