The Lovers Tarot Card in a Daily reading

Today you’ll have to maintain a balance between your wit and your emotions. You’ll have the blessings from the above and things will go in your favor. You will get a chance to enjoy the warmth and vitality that your surroundings have to offer you. If you are seeking a relationship then there are high chances to meet a significant other somewhere, someway.

The Lovers Tarot Card in a Love Reading

In a love reading, this is the best card to get. The lover’s card is a card of love, harmony, compatibility, and companionship. It represents perfect soul mates that are mutually compatible and mutually attracted to each other. This card shows a strong bond between the lovers. If you get this card in your reading, enjoy the bond and the companionship. If you are not already in a relationship then your significant other is entering your life really soon.

The Lovers Tarot Card in a Career Reading

In a career reading, this card may indicate a harmonious partnership. This card also may refer to choices that you may have to make. One thing that your heart wants and the other that your head asks you to follow. You should just go with the flow. This is a positive card. Open up, communicate and express yourself and things will work your way.

The Lovers Tarot Card in a Health Reading

In a health reading, the lovers’ card may signify the love and support one receives from the family and friends as this is the card of harmony and warmth. It may also represent two options or two choices but instead of getting confused, one should just ‘go with the flow’ and choose the thing that the universe is leading towards.

The Lovers Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

 When the lover’s card is upside down, the mountain becomes the center of attention. It divides the lovers and becomes an obstacle. The mountain is also a phallic symbol so it can represent the lust and only sexual interest between two people than the kind, gentle and tender emotion of love.

The angel gets upside down too and loses its energy to give blessings to the man and the woman.  It can also represent confusion. You have to choose between wit and emotions but none of them is strong or giving you clear direction. The card loses its harmony and conflict, imbalance, or strife can happen between the partners.

In a love reading, the reversed lovers’ card may signify a relationship based on physical attraction and lust. It may also represent trust issues and disharmony.

In a health reading, this card in a reversed position can represent some obstacles and difficult choices that might come your way. The path to recovery won’t be smooth and the querent may not receive love and support from the family and friends.

In a career reading, it can represent some obstacle in growth, losing the support of a boss or person of authority, and some conflict or strife.

It doesn’t remain a positive card anymore when this card is upside down.

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