The Fool Tarot Card in a Love Reading

If you get the fool card in a love reading then get ready for a new romance. A romance with no bounds but on the flip side, something with no strings attached. If it appears as the feelings of a significant someone then be sure that they are interested in you but their interest can fade away with time. To get more clarity, seek help from the accompanying cards.

The Fool Tarot Card in a Career Reading

The Fool Card shows a new idea, a new job, or a new project. You can also get a new revelation about another angle to improve your work if you are currently working on a project.

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning in a Health Reading

If you get the fool tarot card in a health reading that would mean that you will regain new energy, health, and vitality. You will recover from an illness. It can also indicate the start of a new life (pregnancy). It also tells you to be careful as you can be prone to accidents.

The Fool Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

Reversed fool card still depicts a new start but there will be a block to the happiness as even if you’d look at the imagery, the rose will fell off from the hands of the fool, his bag will also fell off from his shoulders, he might fell down from the cliff head first. It can indicate that the person will be reckless and stupid to the extent that he or she can put himself into trouble.

In love, the reversed fool card will show a lack of commitment.

In health, it will show that the person will be prone to more accidents and his health revival will be delayed or blocked.

In a career reading, it will be a card of strong caution that one should really shun from making unwise, careless, and foolish investments and career decisions. Overall it tells you not to go for things ‘too fast and too soon’.

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4 Comments on The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

  1. Hello,
    I am new here and saw that you posted through the 3 of cups. Are you planning to continue? I really hope so! I am putting together a guide to help me improve my Tarot skill and understanding, so I am really hoping that (after 3 years it’s a long shot, but still hoping) that you’ll continue to post (or let me know where I can find the information you have here, specifically card symbology).
    Thank you in advance! What you’ve already done here is really so awesome! Thank you!

    • There’s so many apps and other websites that give the symbolism meaning and anything else. I ran into the same issue when I started learning, great blogs that were great for learning the cards and then not posting. Good luck with your readings and learning the also is good to give the card meaning by what the symbolism mean to you.

  2. Hello.. when do you plan to add more cards after Three of Cups. Really like your symbolism and the meanings depicted. Please post for all 78.

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