King of Wands Tarot Card in a Love Reading (Upright)

If this card appears in a love reading, it might indicate that one person in the relationship embodies the qualities of the King of Wands. If you are single, this card might suggest that someone with the qualities of the king of wands will be entering your life. If this card depicts you in a love reading that it means that you have everything that it takes. Just go and get.  

King of Wands Tarot Card in a Career Reading (Upright)

This is a very good card to get in a career reading. It shows a successful business or success in a business venture. In a job, this card indicates that you have acquired a high position and experience. You have confidence and the needed motivation to complete a task. This card might indicate the presence of a boss with the King of Wands qualities. There is nothing to worry about because such bosses value hard work, devotion, and enthusiasm.

King of Wands Tarot Card in a Health Reading (Upright)

This is a positive health card. It shows that you have endurance, resistance, and immunity to go through any health-related challenge. This card shows vitality and vigor.  

King of Wands Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the King of Wands is in a reversed position, he will no longer be able to easily hold his position of power and resultantly he will lose confidence and self-esteem. This position will make him impulsive, tactless, reckless, and blunt. This person might also throw temper tantrums. This card in a reversed position also indicates a failed or failing business.

If you see this card in a general reading in a reversed position shows that hastiness is making the situation go out of control. The situation is getting out of control but control can be brought back by controlling the impulses and hastiness.

In a love and relationship reading, this card in a reversed position might indicate the presence of someone who is controlling, impatient, hasty, mean, unreliable, or overly optimistic. It is also time to look at your role in a relationship. You might need to change it.

In a health reading, this card indicates poor habits resulting in poor health. This card indicates that changing your lifestyle can bring positive changes to your health.  

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