We are making tarotoak.com as big and as comprehensive as possible but there are also many other great websites that you can also find helpful.

We have made a list of 10 best available free resource websites on the internet. All these websites have simple and straight forward lessons and tarot card meanings that you can read without any sign ups or pre-requisites.

10 Best Websites to Learn Tarot Card Meanings

1.    Tarot Teachings

This is a simple website with the meanings of all 78 tarot cards and an in-depth study of the tarot symbolism. This site also tells you the questions that you can ask yourself when contemplating a tarot card. This website also has tutorials related to basic tarot numerology.

2.    Learn Tarot

This is a website apparently made in old times. This is not a fancy blog with a fancy interface but here you can find step by step Tarot lessons. You can also download the complete tarot course from this website that you can access offline.

3.    The Tarot Guide

This is a huge, comprehensive and my most favorite website that teaches you about the meanings of all the 78 cards in a straightforward way. This website doesn’t emphasize much on symbolic interpretations but instead it tells you the general, health, love and spiritual meanings of a card in upright and reversed positions. This website also has a huge collection of tarot related keywords and flash cards.

4.    Biddy Tarot

This is a huge, cute, popular and very comprehensive website. You can find little details of the symbolic meaning of a card and general meanings in upright and reversed position. This website also offers useful blog posts and tarot spreads.

5.    Labyrinthos

This is another big website where you can learn tarot cards meanings, meaning of Lenormand cards and a lot about astrology.

6.    Simply Tarot

A simple website with in-depth meanings of tarot cards.

7.    Tarot.com

This is another simple and straightforward website that provides tarot card meanings in general sense, reversed and advice positions.

8.    The Tarot Lady

This website teaches the tarot card meanings in a fun way. You’ll find a related song and affirmations along with the meanings of the cards.

9.    Infinite Visions Tarot

This is another simple, not very fancy but really useful website.

10.Tarot Forum by Aeclectic Tarot

These forums are not live anymore but there is a huge compilation of knowledge and wisdom that you can find in these forums. You just need to type your queries and you can read the amazing threads and discussions on any topic that you want to read about.