The Star Tarot Card in a Daily reading

This is a day when your hope is restored. You have clarity of thought and long-term goals. You can spend this day peacefully in a perfect balance with your emotions and practical life. You have creative energies and wisdom to gather the ideas which are helpful to achieve your long-term goals. This is a good day to be spent outdoors as well.

The Star Tarot Card in a Love Reading

This is a positive card of hope for any reading. If you get the Star tarot card in a love reading, it means that you are having a good, positive and perfect relationship. Both of you have learned to let go of the grief from the past and your love is having constant cycles of renewal. Every day a new bud of deeper love grows in your heart and your relationship is total bliss. If you are single and you get this card, it would mean that you are going to find someone special very soon. If you already know some person then he or she might be the one to brighten up your life.

The Star Tarot Card in a Career Reading

This is a good card to get in a Career reading. This card will mean that you or the querent exactly know the direction that they need to follow to achieve their goals in a career. They have the balance, clarity, and wisdom to bring fresh and creative ideas to the table. This is a good time to make investments and you know exactly that where should you invest.

The Star Tarot Card in a Health Reading

This is a positive card of health, vigor, and vitality. This card in a health reading means that you are having great health and if you were sick earlier, this is a time for healing and recovery. This card may also signify pregnancy and a new bud of life. This card also emphasizes that you should focus more on outdoor activities.

The Star Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

 When this card is in a reversed position, the water will go back into the vessels or the Jugs that will show a disconnection with the renewal and flow of life. The stars will lose their significant position, which will show the loss of hope and direction and more focus will be on the water in the pond which will depict unbalanced emotions.

If you get the reversed Star card in a love reading, it might signify that you have unbalanced emotions regarding your love life and you are losing hope. You have lost the clarity of direction in which you want to proceed in the relationship. This card means that you need to bring balance to your love life and shouldn’t lose hope.

Having an upside-down star card in a career reading shows that things are not changing and reviving at the needed pace around you and you have lost your creative energies and optimism. You should bring harmony back in your work life and need to connect with your intuitive self to get that creative energy and optimism back into your life.

The reversed Star card is not a good omen in a health reading. This card may signify that you are giving up hope for recovery and you do not know that what you should do to regain your health back. It may also indicate that an imbalanced attitude is damaging your health. You need to bring that balance and confidence back to your life and start the journey again on the road of recovery with faith and positivity.

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