Death Tarot Card in a Daily reading

Today is a day to face life head-on and stop repeating the patterns and cycles that are no longer serving you. Take a moment and look at the things that you want to release. These can be some thoughts, habits, behaviors, things, or people that need to go. You shouldn’t be scared of change and transformation. Something new and better will come your way.

Death Tarot Card in a Love Reading

Death Tarot Card in a relationship mostly means that the relationship is coming to an end. This card appears when divorce is taking place or when a partner thinks that the relationship is no longer serving them. You should embrace this change with strength and you should know that a new relationship will start, that will fulfill your needs in a better way. If you are single, this card may indicate that you need to transform yourself to attract the right energies and the right person in your life. You should let go of the past and move on.

Death Tarot Card in a Career Reading

In a career reading, the Death card often indicates the end of a job or a resignation. If you are planning to switch careers then think no further, you should end this career as it has played its part in your life and now it is time for you to move on.

Death Tarot Card in a Health Reading

If you see the death card in a health reading, you shouldn’t worry. It can be indicative of a big change that is coming in your state. It can also indicate the changes you need to make to improve your health. You should carefully examine that which food, habit, or behavior you need to release, in order to improve your health.

Death Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

 When the Death Tarot Card is in a reversed position, the flag will fell off from the Skeleton’s hand. The skeleton won’t be able to maintain its position at the horse and the horse will not be able to move any further. In a reversed position this card indicates stagnation, lack of movement, and resistance to change.

If this card appears in a reversed position in a love reading, it might mean that the querent is resisting the change. They have refused to accept that they have to let go of things that are no longer serving them. If this card appears in your love reading, you should know that things have ended, and sticking to them and holding on to them won’t serve anyone. It is time to be strong and lean-to let go.

If the Death tarot card appears in a reversed position in a career reading, you should take a moment and examine your career closely. It is likely to be the time to move on and change the career. Your current job is no longer meets your needs and you have to move on. If you are trying to improve your business then you might need to drastically change your strategy as the old strategy is not working for you.

If this card appears upside-down in a health reading, it may mean that you are resisting changing your behavior and not trying out a new course of action that is available to you.

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