Today I have made 30 Free Printable Birds of Omen Oracle (Fortune Telling) Cards that I am sharing on this website. When I purchased a book by Hachette called ‘Learn and Understand Astrology and the Arts of Divination’, I read about these meanings that are attributed to different birds. I created my own deck of 52 hand-painted oracle cards. Today I scanned the images and wrote upside and reversed interpretations with each card. These interpretations are inspired by the book that I have mentioned earlier. All the images are hand-painted by me.

30 Free Printable Birds of Omen Oracle Cards

You can print these cards using any color printer. Print these on heavy card stock or print these on a sticker paper and then paste it on the card stock. You can cut the cards around the edges after printing. There are 3 cards in each sheet. Just click on the thumbnail image of each sheet and a bigger printable image will open up, you can right-click and save that.

These cards are free for personal use. There are 30 cards but with different reversed meanings you will receive 60 oracle messages. I have not made a booklet with it as you can easily understand the meanings by looking at the interpretations. Create your own deck by printing all the cards.

Free Printable Oracle cards

This is the first set of these printable Fortune Telling cards. There is an Ostrich a wagtail and a quail. Just click on this thumbnail and the bigger printable image will open up. Save it or print it.

Birds of Omen Oracle cards printable

This is the second printable page of these oracle cards. There is a Cockerel, a stork and a dove.

Free Printable Birds of Omen Oracle Deck

This is the third page of this oracle deck. There are an eagle, an Albatros, and a lark to tell you about your fortune.

Birds of Omen Cards to print

There are a crow, a rook and a cuckoo on this sheet. These birds of Omen cards can be used in the form of a 3 card spread or you can draw just one card to see what it says.

hoopoe, ibis and oriole oracle cards

On this sheet hoopoe, ibis, and oriole birds are made with the omens that they bring for you. Just click on this thumbnail image and then right-click and save the bigger image.

Swan, turkey and barn owl, birds of omen oracle

This page of this oracle deck has three birds on it. One is a swan, the other is a Turkey and the last one is a Barn owl.

Owl, swallow and tawny owl, free printable oracle cards

This is the seventh free printable page of this oracle deck. It has images and omens by Owl, swallow and tawny owl.

Free Printable deck of birds of omen oracle cards

Just click on this thumbnail and download this beautiful and colorful oracle deck that you can print by using a printer at your home. These fortune-telling cards can be used to add some fun to your parties as well.

Birds of Omen
Free Printable Oracle deck

These are the last two pages that you can download. Please abide by the terms of use that I have shared on this website. Feel free to pin the thumbnails on your Pinterest boards.

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