Crystals are natural beauties. One can never have enough crystals. Crystals are used for centuries for various healing techniques, like opening chakras, reiki, and also as an omen of good luck. Crystals are a source of power and a tarot reader can utilize the power of crystals in many ways. A tarot reader can use these crystals to cleanse and charge a tarot deck. You can use these crystals for meditation. You can keep these on your tarot table and these will help you with intuition, grounding, and also these will help you and your client in solving various problems. Crystals come in many forms. You can have a cluster, a geode, a ball, or a square stone.

Best, Must Have Crystals for Tarot Card Readers

I am listing here 15 best and must have crystals for tarot card readers along with their properties.

1.    Amethyst

Amethyst crystal Healing power for tarot card readers

Amethyst is an amazing and beautiful stone and it corresponds to the third eye and crown chakras. It helps a tarot reader with enhances intuitive abilities. It brings serenity and peace in the surroundings and it is great to cleanse your tarot cards and tarot decks. This stone clarifies spiritual vision. Keeping at your meditative space will bring excellent results.

2.    Clear Quartz

Clear quartz crystal properties for tarot readers.

Clear quartz is the most powerful crystal that a tarot reader can acquire. This stone enhances clairvoyance and radiates positive energies. This crystal helps with the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.

3.    Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline properties for tarot reading

Tourmaline can be found in many colors but black tourmaline is the most powerful of all. It absorbs negative energies and relieves stress. It is an excellent cleanser for tarot cards. You can also use it to cleanse and protect your tarot reading space.

4.    Smoky Quartz

Smokey quartz crystal significance for tarot

Smoky Quartz is another very powerful grounding crystal that aid meditation, and spiritual connection. It helps with a steady flow of energy through the body that every tarot reader needs.

5.    Rose Quartz

Tarot readers and rose quartz

Rose quartz helps with compassion. Having this at your scared reading space will help your querents who have broken hearts.

6.    Labradorite

Labradorite crystal for tarot

Labradorite is full of amazing spiritual powers. This stone opens spiritual vision and removes the spiritual blockage. This is a must-have crystal for all tarot card readers.

7.    Agate

Agate and tarot

This stone has earthy energies and it is great for cleaning negative energies. Agate is available in many colors and it overall it has positive healing powers. It helps you with looking at things from a broader perspective. Agate’s power brings stability to physical body and also one’s aura. It is a great stone to wear or to put on your tarot table.

8.    Citrine

Properties of Citrine crystal

Citrine brings abundance and prosperity and for a tarot reader it brings mental and emotional focus and power of intention. It is a powerful crystal that heals sacral chakra and it can help improving your relationship with your client.

9.    Pyrite

Pyrite and tarot

Pyrite brings confidence and mental clarity. This is a powerful protective stone that helps against negative vibrations.

10.Red Jasper

Red Jasper for tarot reading

Red is the color of vitality, passion and strength. It is connected to the root chakra. Red Jasper has strong grounding and healing powers. It removes stress and brings calmness in space around it.

11.Tiger’s Eye

Tarot and tiger's eye

Tiger’s eye is a strong protective crystal. It protects against negative energies and brings resilience and strength.

12.Yellow Jade

Yellow Jade properties and tarot

Jade comes in many colors. Yellow jade is one of those. It dispels harm and inspires wisdom. It can help changing querent’s perspective towards life after a reading. Make the transformation easy and can bring positive energies.

13.White Moonstone

White moonstone

White moonstone is a beautiful stone that helps with intuition, clairvoyance and spiritual connection. This is also an extremely protective stone.

14.Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli represented the night sky and the power of the gods to the ancient Egyptians. This crystal helps with spiritual growth, meditation, and emotional healing. Keeping it at your sacred space will bring many benefits to you and your querent.


Fluorite has great grounding and stabilizing properties. Wearing this stone can save you from exhaustion that many tarot readers face from extended tarot readings.