Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card in a Love Reading

Wheel of Fortune in an upright position is a positive card, but it is also a card of change. Your relationship might move on to the next step and things will take a positive turn. You may explore new horizons along with your partner. If you are single then trust your destiny. It is soon going to take a positive turn.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card in a Career Reading

Wheel of Fortune is a positive card to receive in a career tarot reading. It may represent that some big and positive change is coming your way. You might get a promotion or a pay raise. You might get a new job that will benefit you more. Be ready to expand your experience and knowledge and brace for the positives.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card in a Health Reading

This card is a good omen in a health reading. If you experienced some health-related issues then you have started your journey on the road to recovery. This card also suggests that you should explore more options related to your health and curing the illness. Do not stick to just one way of dealing with health issues but try to opt for some change.

Wheel of Fortune Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the Wheel of Fortune is in a reversed position, all the animals will lose their book of wisdom. The cyclic movement will not stay smooth. You should know that what comes up, must go down. It may indicate stagnation and lack of movement too but you should remember that life keeps on changing and you should just pull up yourself and let life balance its movement again. It may represent that bad things are happening in cycles. It is time to look back and find that what actions or thoughts are not helping you with breaking this bad cycle of misfortune. Let go of those habits and look for some new strategies to bring stability.

Wheel of Fortune card in a reversed position shows that things are out of balance in your love life. You are reacting to the changes way too seriously. You should think wisely no matter what turn things take. This may also represent the end of a relationship or stagnancy in your current relationship. Always remember that you are able to change your destiny.

This card may represent a phase of stagnation when it appears in a health reading. Things are taking more abrupt turns than you anticipated. It is time to stick to your medical care routine and keep taking the measures you were taking to cure your health. Don’t panic or give up in this situation but keep your equilibrium and wisdom with you.

In a career reading, the reversed wheel of fortune card represents a change that is not lucky or welcoming. It may represent that you were maybe too careless with the work or career. You should not worry as like every phase of life, this too shall pass.

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