Three of Cups Tarot Card in a Love Reading (Upright)

This card in a love reading might show an upcoming engagement, bridal or baby shower, wedding, or any other party but sometimes this card represents the presence of a third person in the relationship. If you do not read reversal, then carefully look at the surrounding cards as it can be a card of infidelity but it will show its true potential of this meaning in a reversed position.  If you are single, it might just tell you that you are ready to mingle.

Three of Cups Tarot Card in a Career Reading (Upright)

When this card appears in a Career reading it shows that you’ll reap the rewards of your hard work. You might have a party at your workplace. This card shows the emotional support of the co-workers and having a harmonious relationship with them. It also symbolizes a creative project that you’ll successfully accomplish with the help of your team.

Three of Cups Tarot Card in a Health Reading (Upright)

This is a positive health card and shows health, vitality, and happiness. This is a card of celebration of health and good times.

Three of Cups Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

When the Three of Cups Tarot Card is in a reversed position, the cups will be empty, the floral crowns will fell down and the joyous and love-filled emotions will become bitter. In a reversed position, this card might indicate a desire to spend some time alone. It might also depict mean and selfish motives and friendships and emotional relationships based on lies. This card in a reversed position may also mean overindulgence in partying and reckless behavior towards relationships. This card might also depict a delayed or canceled celebration, party, or event.

In a love reading, this card in a reversed position might indicate infidelity. This card shows disharmony and the presence of a toxic third person. This card also might indicate a delayed or canceled wedding, engagement or baby, or bridal shower.

In a career reading, this card shows the selfish and mean attitude of the co-workers. This also shows a canceled promotion and hard work not paying off as expected.

This is not a good health card as well. It might indicate that partying too much is not leaving good effects on health.

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