The World Tarot Card in a Love Reading

This is a card that shows fulfillment and rejoicing, so getting this card in a Love reading is a positive sign. This card shows that you and your partner have accomplished a relationship goal and now moving to a new start. This is a positive card for marriage and starting a family. This is also a positive card for single people as it shows the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

The World Tarot Card in a Career Reading

The World card in a career reading shows that you are getting the reward for your hard work. You have it all that it takes to fulfill the demands of your job and you are doing your work with happiness. This is a positive card if you are looking for a promotion.

The World Tarot Card in a Health Reading

This is a positive card to get in a health reading. This shows that you have worked hard to fix your health issues and now it is time to enjoy health, happiness, and recovery. This shows that all organs in your body and all hormones are working in perfect harmony.

The World Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

 When the world card is in a reversed position, the maiden will lose her balance and her wands will fall down. Her scarf of courage will no longer wrap her body. The angel, eagle, lion, and bull will not have a strong influence when they are upside down. This is not a positive card when it is reversed. It shows a lack of vision, lack of courage, irresponsibility, and lack of power.

In a love reading, this card in a reversed position shows that you are not using your abilities to strengthen the relationship. You have a lack of focus and you have lost the inner equilibrium. You are having boundaries and restrictions which are not making you happy. You need to get that balance back to make the relationship work.

In a career reading, this card might mean that you are facing restrictions and challenges that are stopping you from growth but besides that, you are not using your intellect, wisdom, and other gifts to get the rewards. You need to overcome this blockade to come to the top.

In a health reading, this is not a positive card as well. This shows that your health is not in complete harmony and you need to take care of it to enjoy life again.   

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