The Tower Tarot Card in a Love Reading

If the Tower Tarot Card appears in a Love reading, it means that a sudden and unexpected change is coming in your relationship. It can be a break-up, a divorce, or destruction of any kind. A sudden revelation of truth will change the whole situation. Things will fall apart but the change makes way for something new. If you are single and get this card about the person you are thinking about, their life might be a mess right now. They can be shaken, afraid and insecure and it can also be you. Truth has been told that left you this way. You need to strengthen yourself, put your feet on the ground, and regain your confidence before moving into a relationship.

The Tower Tarot Card in a Career Reading

If you get the Tower Tarot Card in a Career reading it would mean that your work life will be shaken up. You can face a loss of a job or a big unpleasant change in your position. This card also warns you to control your own emotional outbursts at your workplace and hide their secrets or you might change someone’s position of authority forever.

The Tower Tarot Card in a Health Reading

If this card appears in a health reading, it would mean that you can face sudden illness, accident, or mental health problems related to anger. You should take really good care of yourself, take the vitamins, and strengthen your immune system so it can face any health-related challenge that suddenly enters your life.

The Tower Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

 When this card is in a reversed position the people will still be falling down but their hands will be trying to hold on to what is above them. This can be their old beliefs and old ideas. The lightning bolt will be striking from the bottom now. The shakeup is still happening but the crown remains intact on the woman’s head.

In a reversed position this card represents that you are resisting the change and refusing to let go. You are still sticking to the old bellies and notions, even though you know the truth.

In a love reading, the reversed tarot card indicates that you are clinging to a relationship that has almost ended and where the facts are revealed to you. You have gone through a shakeup but you are in denial. You have not lost all of it. You have your dignity intact and you can start rebuilding the relationship.

In a career reading, the upside-down tower card shows that even though you feel that the circumstances at your workplace are conspiring against you, you are trying to hold your position. You should know that you are trying to fly but you have no wings. It is better to put your feet on the ground, accept the change in your career and move on.

If the reversed Tower card appears in a health Tarot reading, it might mean that you are ignoring your health issues. You have refused to change your routine or lifestyle and trying to stick to old habits which are not helping you anymore.

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