The Devil Tarot Card in a Love Reading

This is not a very positive card to receive in a love reading. This card could mean that you are feeling stuck and unhappy in a relationship. You are in a loveless relationship for some worldly benefit but that is not working in your favor. This card also depicts verbal or physical abuse. It may mean that the relationship or attraction is based only on lust and not love. If this card appears in a love reading, you or your querent should develop healthy boundaries and should stop being dependent on the relationship for everything. If you are single and this card appears about the person you are going to see, you should really reconsider this plan as this card shows addiction and also mental health issues.

The Devil Tarot Card in a Career Reading

If the Devil Card appears in a Career reading, it would mean that you are trapped in a job that you really hate. You should know that you have control of your life and you can leave this job any time you want. This card also depicts some desires to acquire wealth or position in an unlawful way at your workplace. This also may mean that you are around someone who is controlling you or you are excessively controlling or abusing someone at your workplace. This card tells you to analyze the situation and change the track that leads to a darker end.

The Devil Tarot Card in a Health Reading

In a health reading, the Devil card might show drug and substance abuse, addiction, and overindulgence in some bad habits which are damaging your health. This card also shows mental disorders. You need to take care of yourself properly and seek professional medical advice when this card appears.

The Devil Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

 When this card will get in a reversed position, the chains will be removed from people‚Äôs heads, the devil will lose his balance, the pentagram will turn upright and so will his torch and it will start showing light instead of burning stuff and destruction.

A reversed Devil card shows overcoming addiction, release, freedom, and independence. It shows that you were trapped but now you are ready to move on. It shows the end of a dark phase of your life.

If this card appears in a reversed position in a love reading, it will show the end of a bad relationship or the end of abuse in a relationship. It shows that you are now free to make your choices and decide for yourself.

If the reversed Devil card appears in a career reading, that means that you have regained control at your workplace. If you had an abusive boss, he or she has moved somewhere and if you were not 100% sincere with the work, now you have learned to control your evil desires and temptations. It may also represent that you have released yourself from the job that was making you feel too constrained and restricted.

The reversed Devil card in a health reading may indicate that you are now addiction-free. You have learned to control the unhealthy lifestyle that was damaging your health and you are gaining your power again.

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