Judgment Tarot Card in a Love Reading

This card in love ready might show that you and your partner are open to each other and you no longer care about the illusion of the outer world. Your relationship is taking a new start after having a temporary ending. You need to listen to your inner calling and evaluate your actions. This card might also show judging the other person or being judged by the other person.

Judgment Tarot Card in a Career Reading

In a career reading, this card represents that you are being judged and evaluated for your performance. This card might also show that you have learned to tackle the things at work in a new light and you are ready to change and adapt to new things. Someone told you to just wake up and you have listened to them.

Judgment Tarot Card in a Health Reading

In a health reading, this card represents going through an examination and getting to know about your illness. It also shows a time of good health and renewed energy after being sick.

Judgment Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

 When the Judgment card is in a reversed position, the awakening call from the trumpet will be subdued. The wings of the angel that provide wise counseling will lose their power. The coffins will fall on the people and they won’t be free anymore.

In a reversed position this card indicates a lack of wisdom, not learning from the past, not having the wakeup call, and resultantly having self-doubts and lack of self-awareness.

If the judgment card appears in a reversed position in a love reading, it might indicate that you are stuck in a bad position and you are having confusion. You are not connected to your inner calling and do not know how to proceed. You have made some poor judgment and now you are really unsure.

If you have this card in a reversed position in a career reading, it will show that you are hesitant to move on and not ready to take any initiative. It might also show that some evaluation done recently has gone against you.

In a health reading, the reversed judgment card shows confusion about health and requisite treatment. You are bound as you are not sure which path to follow. You need to have that clarity and acceptance to make learned decisions about your health.

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